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Location Recording

JLT Studio offers professional on-location recording services that can be tailored to fit any venue or location. With a range of equipment and experience, you can rest assured that the recordings will be of the highest quality and reliability, no matter where you are.

Composing Music

Composition, Scoring & Arranging

JLT Studio offers expert composition, scoring and arranging services with a focus on instrumental music and jazzy influences. I will bring your sonic vision to life with innovative melodies and unique arrangements.

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Music Set

Other Services

JLT Studio offers alternative music-related services that are tailored to individual customer needs. Such as Sibelius engraving, foley sound & SFX and course & curriculum planning for teachers/schools. I provide an all-in-one service for aspiring and established musicians, educators and creatives.

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For sheet music & arrangements:

For compositions, recordings & sound libraries:

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