Quality over quantity is what's moving this passion project forward.

JLT Studio started as a passion project to enable me to further develop my skills in a range of musical disciplines to help you make your ideas a reality. Over the years, I have developed a keen interest in playing the piano and synthesisers which has opened up my mind to the whole world of sound design and music production yet my passion for the physical connection when undergoing various tasks has not wavered in this digital age.

As a pianist/synth player, composer and arranger I create music with the intention of having real musicians play rather. I do work with digital tools to get the job done simply because it's not always possible, for a variety of reasons, to have everything recorded by physical musicians.

As a Sound Designer and Recording engineer, I pride myself on capturing sound that truly represents what we hear. Whether it be in the studio or out in the sticks, I aim to capture the perfect sound at the source using reliable equipment. Post-processing is simply part of the job when it comes to working with audio, I focus on doing only what is necessary to mould make the sound fit the project.

The most important thing about this project is that the money it earns will be used to improve the quality, streamline the workflow, make resources available and generally contribute to the community. 

As this project continues to grow, the help and support of other creatives is much needed and appreciated. Whether you're looking to make your project to life, expand your musical knowledge or simply say "hello!" I will be happy to hear from you!

English Speaking Piano Teacher in Berlin

Budget friendly audio recording in Berlin

Composer and Producer in Berlin

Budget friendly recording studio in Berlin

Jazz pianist and keyboardist in Berlin

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Current Projects

Sunday night recording session! _#jazzmu


Jazz band

Playing your favourite standards live! An easy way to get your guests moving and grooving.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

The Unemployed Monarch

Pop Band

Indie-Rock, trip-hop vibes.

Music Studio

Mobile Music Studio

Self-Employed Business

Field recording, computer-based music studio offering recordings, production and lesson that can come to you!

Piano Lesson

Travelling Music School

Self-Employed Business

Travelling music school offering piano lessons to those in rural areas.