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Record your own music with these 3 simple setups!

Do you want to record your own music? Do you want to record your child playing an instrument so you can show your family? Of course you could record everything with your phone but why inflict that upon your loved ones? Give them the audio they deserve and invest in a simple recording setup to make studio quality recordings with ease!

Option 1: A shotgun or directional microphone for your phone/camera.

This is probably the simplest and cheapest setup that will allow you to record the music you or your children play. It's common with most things in music and technology that quality comes at a price, these microphones are no exception. There are plenty of options out their by Rode or Sennheiser that I would recommend, there are also many other brands.

Requirements for this setup:

  • (Optional) Shotgun or Directional Microphone that connects through your headphone jack.

  • Mobile phone + headphones (which you probably already have)

Budget: €50+ (excluding mobile phone/camera)

Option 2: Portable Recorder

This is perfect for those who wish to invest in better quality equipment and who have some money to spare. Pick up a portable recorder (Zoom or Tascam are great brands to look for), spend some time working out how to use it and start recording. You may also have the option to connect the portable recorder to your phone or camera through AUX, giving you the option to make videos with better quality audio.

Requirements for this setup:

  • Portable recorder + storage (e.g. SD card)

  • Headphones

Budget: €100+

Option 3: Computer-based recording setup

This is the most flexible setup, along the lines of a project home studio. It doesn't have to be expensive depending on the specifics of what you want to record, 1 or 2 mic setup is a lot easier to keep budget friendly than multi-track recordings. With this setup you will need more dedicated equipment but it also allows plenty of room for upgrading in the future.

  1. DAW (Software to record with - E.g. GarageBand or Logic Pro X)

  2. Audio Interface

  3. Headphones and/or speakers

  4. Microphone/s

Budget: €500+ (excluding computer)

When it comes to recording music, there are plenty of options to cover all sorts of budgets and project types from recording a solo vocalist to recording a whole orchestra. The key to purchase the best quality items you can afford. Let me know in the comment section below what your setup is? Maybe you could link some recordings so we can hear what your setup sounds like?

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