• Joshua Tindall

(Pre-Release) Recording an upright acoustic piano

Do you have an acoustic piano at home? Have you ever wanted to record it but didn't know where to start? While placing a pair of microphones above or in front of the piano is a good starting place, there are plenty of other variables and options that can make your piano more you!

My new e-book will take you through the process, microphone placement and the necessary equipment to get started (with options for future expansion). 

Pre-Order Promo Deal!!!

There are a total of 10 discount codes available

  1. To get 50% off, use the code "upright50" (only 5 of these available)

  2. To get 25% off, use the code "upright25" (only 5 of these available)

This is a pre-sale, the ebook will be released on the 1st of September 2020 at 10:00 (Berlin, Germany, time).

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