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Boredom Breaker Challenge!

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

With most of the world stuck at home what better time to try something new? I'm offering a nice musical challenge to help you stay sane and do something productive.


Organise and record a musical performance with the people you live with using the Boomwhackers and record (both audio and video) your performance at the end of the day before returning the equipment.

Tools and Equipment:

A full set of Boomwhackers with Octave Caps

Zoom H6 Portable Audio Recorder

What do you need to provide?

A mobile phone or camera to film the performance.

An SD Card to put in the Zoom recorder.

Time Limit:

You will have the equipment from pick up the equipment until that same evening when the equipment will need to be returned.

Other details:

You are free to use whatever musical material you want for this challenge but you MUST RECORD BOTH AUDIO AND VIDEO!

If you are planning to do this with a group of children who may not be able to organise and perform a song within one day, I would be happy to discuss various rental options up to 1 week.

Youtube video for some inspiration:

Equipment Booking Link:

Pickup location is in 12105 Berlin (Tempelhof).

Prices starting from €25.

Don't forget to tag #JLTStudio when you upload it to the internet!

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