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Boredom Breaker!

So, you've been stuck at home doing your part to prevent the spread of the virus and now you're board out of your mind with nothing to do and no motivation to do anything ... you've landed on the right internet page here!

I'm making a few of my unfinished musical projects available to you in the hopes that it breaks your boredom :)

On the Bandcamp page, you will find a stems for bass, drums, guitar and piano along with a quick demo mix and important notes to help you get started immediately. All you need to do is drag the audio tracks into your DAW, plug your instrument or microphone in and start jamming.

There is no obligation to upload anything to the internet, but if you did want to, please make sure to tag #JLTStudio so I can see what you did (I'll be checking social media regularly), I may even share your work through my own pages.

That's enough from me, it's time you downloaded the track and got started!

Now available on Bandcamp ... Link HERE!

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