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A Piano Diary (Free download)

Tracking our goals and progress is a great way to stay motivated especially when learning a new skill. With so many pieces of music, techniques and other things, our students need to master they need a way to track their progress and also promote consistency. This is why I'm making my Piano Diary available to you for free (link at the bottom of this post).

Each month includes a double-page spread with space to note their goals, piano lessons and a few other details the other side is to track their practice. It's designed to encourage students to write down their short-term goals (monthly), a few technical skills they should be practising, any specific songs they want to work on and their piano lessons. As I'm sure you can agree, we can't expect children to practice every single day, hence there are not 30 rows on the practice tracking page.

Feel free to adjust this document to suit your own style. Click the picture below to get your free Piano Diary!

Printing instructions:

  • Print back-to-back (on both sides of the page).

  • [Optional] Print in colour for the photo, the rest can be in black and white if you wish.

Free Downloads:

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